Enhance Your Sales and Delight Your Customers with My Catalog.

My Catalog is an exclusive tool designed to boost your sales and foster customer loyalty in the fashion industry. By utilizing this innovative application, your resellers will have access to a free showcase channel that will amplify sales and enhance the customer experience.

Through a unique link, your sales team can present the products available in stock, allowing customers to have a personalized experience while choosing their desired items. With just a few clicks, your customers can individually select the products they wish to purchase, making the buying process more convenient and efficient.

Additionally, My Catalog offers additional features to enhance sales management. With the automatic commission margin calculation functionality, you'll have complete transparency and control over sales commissions. Track the entire customer journey within the platform, from product selection to purchase completion, ensuring a seamless and satisfying experience.

Don't miss the opportunity to maximize your sales and provide a differentiated experience to your customers. Try My Catalog now and discover how it can propel your business in a simple and effective way. Stay one step ahead of the competition with this powerful tool from ShopCouture.

The Digital Catalog aims to increase your sales and retain your customers by showing professionalism and organization. By registering and creating your exclusive catalog you will have:

Agility and speed
When you buy wholesale you want to sell those pieces faster, don't you? And when you have a digital catalog to promote, it becomes easier and faster. The digital catalog allows you to reach more people in a short period of time.

You can create a digital catalog with the products you have to sell with the ease of not having to register photos, download an app... The catalogs are automatically generated with the products you have in stock and/or with all the products available at the store you chose. And you can also write off the products you no longer have.

You can customize with a photo, profit margin you want, price on the pieces you purchased, phone number and data from your social networks. Make your catalog look like your store!

Distribution and Scope
With just one click, you can send an exclusive link to your customers via WhatsApp and expand your sales area to the entire region. In addition to being able to put the link on your social networks and your customers are always up to date with your news.

It's totally free! To have access to the digital catalog, just register with FashionCosmo Circuit!