What do I need to do to become a reseller?
Be over 18 and place your first order.

Do I need to pay any fees?
No, there is no fee to become a reseller.

What is the minimum order?
Each brand has its own minimum order, but they are usually about US$ 1,000.

Do I have to buy every month?
No. You can buy when it is most convenient for you.

What will my profit margin be?
It can vary according to each brand, but usually  can double the amount you paid, making a 100% profit.

Is there any tool that helps me to resell online or social media?
Yes, we have a customized digital catalog for you to use online, social media, WhatsApp, etc.
You can customize it by adding your picture, social networks, your name and your profit margin.

Then you just need to get the link and promote your digital catalog online.
Where do I pick up the products I ordered?

Your orders will ship directly from the factory in Brazil to your registered address. Door to door shipping

What are the payment methods?
We accept all major credit cards.